Dear Reader,

with the following, we would like to introduce our TfB family.

The company was already founded in 2000. Initially, to offer services all around slip form paving.

Therefore, we were always present on construction sites and observed that workers were cutting joints into concrete safety barriers with an angle grinder. Slavery in the 21st century – dangerous because of dust and high physical stress. Precise joints were out of the question. The question was obvious: Isn´t there a machine for that?” The answer was: “If there was one, we´d already have it!”

The idea was born!

An automated Crack Control Cutting Machine was developed and built.

After 2 years of working meticulously and development, the first prototype of our CCC-Machine was born. Now this prototype had to be optimized and made marketable – a great idea is not enough to be established in our branch. Through competent management, resilience and a hardworking and motivated Team of specialists, the CCC-Machine was finally fully evolved and became a fixed component of our branch. The cherry on top was the CE certification in May 2011.

By now, the CCC-Machine, as well as our other machines, operates on the entire European continent – with great success.

But the best comes for last – Our Team

Our boys´ job to cut fresh concrete needs experience, punctuality, discipline and the willingness to spend night and day on the road. In wind and weather, they contribute to road safety by cutting precise joints into concrete safety barriers.

We take our hats off to every single one of our colleagues for this kind of commitment and performance.

We are a mixed crowd, with us, old hands and young blood work together and each and every one of them bring knowledge, commitment and personality into our company.