The Technology

Where regular joint cutters meet their limits is where the performance strength of our BORIS F125 begins.

With BORIS, barrier-free cutting is finally possible.

The Faber BORIS is the only joint cutter which can cut any concrete profile without much effort. Constructional obstacles like gravel or uneven ground around the concrete construction are no longer a problem. Free-standing and high curbs and step profiles can be cut easily.

By using a frequency converter, the stepless frequency of the motor is adaptable to the frequency of the diamond blade. That way diamond blades with a diameter from 250mm up to 350mm can be operated with optimal cutting speed.

Furthermore the dimensioning of the motor allows attaching a package of 3 diamond blades. Therefore it is possible to cut and widen the joint in one working step.


The Application of our BORIS

BORIS is ready for action in the shortest time.

Solely small adjustment procedures such as the adaption to the width and height of the concrete profile are necessary. The cutting arm of the machine can be adjusted in length up to 125cm. Furthermore the entire machine can be adjusted in height in order to cut high curbs up to 50cm. Through the variable length and height adjustability even the most complicated step profiles can be cut in only one working step.

The powerful electric engine and the user-friendly construction ensure quick and clean work.

Through the balanced construction, the handling of the machine during the cutting process is easy and can be performed by everyone.

BORIS is set on the rear edge of the concrete profile. Due to the powerful electric motor the cutting arm dives into the concrete effortlessly and is able to cut the back of the profile. Then the operator moves the machine to the front of the profile in a backward motion. The cut is finished and the operator can move forward to the next cutting point.

The cutting speed is approx. 40 cuts per hour.