Advantages of the CCC-Machine

Precise crack control cuts minimise the risk of uninduced cracks and account for the working life of the barrier as environmental conditions cause less destruction

  • Just one operator necessary
  • Easy setup of the machine onto the barrier.
  • A 3,5t vehicle is enough
  • Only a 10kVA generator is needed to operate the machine
  • Due to the small weight of the machine (270kgs), only a small lifting device is necessary.
  • Applicable to all barrier profiles
  • Constant cutting depth
  • Approximately 2 mins per cut.
  • The initial cut and the widening of the cut can be done in one work step
  • The machine can cut the concrete considerably earlier. Irregular vibrations, tilting of the cutting blade and cracked edges are avoided by the forced guidance of the machine.  
  • The perfectly balanced weight of the CCC-machine makes an earlier application on top of the barrier possible. The CSB can be cut earlier and waiting periods are reduced.