Schematic Illustration and Technical Datasheet of the CCC-Machine

Pos. Technical specification/description Measurements
01 machine dimensions L x W x H approx. 1,65m x 0,82m x 2,50m
02 weight of the machine approx. 270 Kg
03 power connection 400 V (3 phases 230 V)
04 power supply for drives and electrical control 24 V
05 electric control system Siemens S7 1200
06 electricity for cutting motor 400V (3 phases), AC variable speed drive
07 rotation cutting motor 21.000 rpm
08 driving speed on the barrier 3,7 Km/h
09 cutting time per cut approx. 2,0 min
10 power output of electric generator   min. 10 KVA output, power connection: 3P/N/PE, 400V, 50/60Hz with sensitive to universal current or insulation monitoring (rccd)
11 cutting profiles, depths and widths initial cut or T-Profile, max. 70 mm depth, max. 10 mm wide
12 diamond bore hole Ø 20 mm
13 dimensions of cutting blades Ø 180 mm - Ø 230mm
14 max. rotational speed of cutting blade according to the manufacturer's specification, max. 7000 rpm
15 length of control panel cable 6 m
16 water connection, water consumption ½ Inch, 100 L/h
17 size, weight of control panel 250 mm x 500 mm / 7 Kg
18 editable barrier profiles

Stepbarrier, Saftybear, New Jersey, max. barrier width on top: 400 mm, max. barrier height: 1400 mm