Technical Challenges

The Two-Step Joint

The German market for safety barriers constantly demands new developments and technologies to improve the safety on German motorways.

Therefore a new type of joint and its sealing has been developed by the Schnorpfeil company in Treis-Karden and DENSO. Our role was to work out a technology to mill out a two-step joint.

Through the new two-step joint and its sealing the durability and quality of the safety barrier should be increased significantly.


For the jobsite on A48 Vulkaneifel the cutting head of the Faber CCC-machine has been equipped with one diamond blade and 8 additional diamond blades with a diamter of 180mm in order to mill out a two-step joint in one working step.

At new projects the green concrete can be cut in one working step. Already existing safety barriers can be refitted subsequently.

In order to permanently ensure the propulsion of the 9 diamond blades, the machine has been equipped with a powerful 4,5kW motor and an adequate frequency converter.


At our first operation on A48 Vulkaneifel the machine had to be reconstructed additionally because the safety barrier was not accessible from one side. Therefore we equipped the machine with an optional guidance at the bottom of the barrier.